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ACRE has been published!

June 5, 2016 Categories: Acre, Blog, Featured, Hospitaller Saga, Mamluk, The Forest Knights Prequel Series

The Forest Knights prequel series is here! A doomed mission. The Kingdom of Jerusalem hanging by a thread. One Knight Justice must face his greatest fears or die trying… Read...

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Read Aloud’s 15-minute Movement

March 14, 2012 Categories: Blog

March is National Reading Awareness Month! I was a painfully shy kid for the first few years of elementary school. I never went to kindergarten or playschool, so grade 1 was my first experience with a group of kids my own age. I can still recall the awkward terror of standing alone in the coatroom everyday, looking out at the groups of kids playing together before the morning bell rang to begin class. But I was a good reader. My parents and older siblings read to me everyday at home and so when the teacher called on me to read a passage out loud in class I felt like Superman. If I had been a poor reader, one of those kids that stumbled over every second word, I would have been denied those few confidence building moments so important to an introverted child trying to fit into an extroverted world. Some people say reading is a way to escape the real world. For me, it was a way to fit in. A child who can read is empowered. It’s as simple as that. Why matters: • Only about 1/3 of low-income families read aloud regularly. • From 0-3,...

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Drunken elk

September 8, 2011 Categories: Blog

Okay. I know I have the first book of my Forest Knights series coming out soon, and if I were a wise man I would post something to do with that. Long story short…I am not wise. You have to check this...

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Last heir to Austro-Hungarian empire dies

July 4, 2011 Categories: Blog

Otto von Habsburg, the eldest son of the last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian empire has passed away. The Habsburgs may be the villains in my novel “The Forest Knights“, but they were a remarkable family dynasty and a major player in European politics well into the 20th century. Anyone brave enough to speak out against Nazi Germany in 1938 deserves a moment of repect. “Otto von Habsburg was born in 1912, as the heir to the empire, but it collapsed at the end of World War I and the Habsburg family went into exile. After World War II, Mr Habsburg became a champion of European unity during its Cold War division. He served as a member of the European parliament for two decades. He is to be buried in the Austrian capital, Vienna. Mr Habsburg only officially relinquished his claim to inherit the empire in 1961 and five years later was allowed to return to Austria for the first time since the family fled in 1919. He was an opponent of the Nazis and spoke out against Germany’s annexation of Austria in 1938.” Click here for the full BBC news...

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