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The Forest Knights Audiobooks

November 18, 2013 Categories: Altdorf, Featured, Morgarten, The Forest Knights

altdorf-audiomorgarten-audio-800×800acre-audiobook-cover The next best thing to The Forest Knights Movie! ALTDORF, MORGARTEN, and ACRE are now available as audiobooks. Listen to samples and buy them at Amazon, iTunes, and On Amazon they retail for around $18 but if you already own an eBook version, you can get the audiobook for $1.99 (some countries may be different). All books were performed by a fantastic voice actor named Brad Wills  and each one is about 8 hours...

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MORGARTEN has been released!

December 9, 2012 Categories: Morgarten, The Forest Knights

“The forests can protect them no longer — It is time to make a stand.” MORGARTEN (Book 2 of The Forest Knights) should now be available at most online bookstores. The trade paperback version is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Barnes & Noble iBooks KOBO Smashwords SONY As always, thanks very much for reading!...

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Morgarten to be released in November!

October 2, 2012 Categories: Morgarten, The Forest Knights

Yep, it’s official! MORGARTEN, the conclusion of The Forest Knights Duology, will be released in November, 2012. Here’s how to save 50% on the e-book: I’ve given this some thought, and here’s how the release is going to work. First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has signed up for my E-mail lists so far–your support means more than you could possibly know! To show my appreciation, I will announce the exact date the book is available (on Amazon and Smashwords) to the people on my mailing list first. The book will be $2.99 for ONE WEEK. After that, it will go up to $5.99 and I will officially announce it to the world! Well, my small little corner of it anyway. How can you get in on the fun? Sign up for one of my lists! (Either one will work for the $2.99 notification) The Forest Knights Mailing List (You will receive a notification whenever I publish anything related to The Forest Knights ONLY) The J. K. Swift Mailing List (You will receive a notification whenever I publish anything new) And don’t worry if you happen to miss the one week deadline to...

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July 6, 2012 Categories: Morgarten, The Forest Knights

Here is the opening scene from MORGARTEN (Book 2 of The Forest Knights). The novel is in final edits now and I hope to be able to announce a release date soon. Please consider signing up for The Forest Knights Mailing List (or the J. K. Swift Mailing List) to get special pre-release pricing and to be the first to know when it’s available! Thanks for reading… jk MORGARTEN a novel of The Forest Knights   Chapter 1 The whispers came for Seraina in sleep, as they often did. Some time ago, or perhaps only moments before, she recalled sitting down against a giant spruce and closing her eyes. Seraina could still feel the ridges of rough bark pressed against her back. That sensation was a tie to the waking world and she latched onto it, resisting the pull of the voices. Her visions were rare and, so she was told, a gift from the Great Weave. Something to be treasured. But these voices calling from afar, differed from the ones she had heard before. They grew, both in volume and quantity, and as they became louder, they seemed to insist that Seraina listen. No, they demanded to be...

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It’s Bean Day! (and a MORGARTEN update)

June 25, 2012 Categories: Coffee Roasting, Morgarten, Playing With Fire, The Forest Knights

Three or four times a year comes a holiday that makes me twitch like a four year-old lying in bed listening for the bells of Santa’s reindeer, and today is that day. Hallelujah! My shipment of green coffee beans has arrived! Yeah, I’m a coffee nerd. To anyone who’s read my short story Playing with Fire it’s no secret. I roast my own stuff at home and distribute it to a select group of family and friends. Often in late-night meetings from the trunk of my car. I started drinking coffee when I was 13. Horrid, canned crystals that had more in common with ground-up asphalt than the roasted pit of a coffee cherry. But it’s amazing what 2 heaping teaspoons of Coffee Mate (also known as “powdered death” in some circles) will do to a rancid cup of asphalt water. I drank it. I survived. And now I make up stories about the stuff. Well, actually only one so far. Most people’s reactions to Playing with Fire go something like this: “Uh, wow, JK. This is really…different…than…you know…your regular historical stuff.” I then shrug and say, “I’m a complicated man. I have sides.” At this point they usually...

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