Keepers of Kwellevonne

Who better to entrust with a vile weapon than someone who abhors the very thought of violence?

The Keepers of Kwellevonne series follows the exploits of Deenah, an apprentice healer, as she searches for a way to destroy a vile short sword named Kwellevonne. The Keepers of Kwellevonne is a short story series.

Update by J. K. Swift:

There will be 7 volumes in the Keepers of Kwellevonne series. So far, the first 3 volumes have been published (Healer, Farrier, Warder) and the 4th and 5th volumes have been written but not yet published. I’m holding them until I finish 6 and 7, and then I will release them all at the same time. This is in case I come up with some good ideas and need to change something in the earlier volumes. I hope to have everything done by January, 2017. Sorry for the wait, but I’m hoping it will make for a better story!

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