ACRE has been published!

June 5, 2016

The Forest Knights prequel series is here!

Acre 330x493

A doomed mission. The Kingdom of Jerusalem hanging by a thread. One Knight Justice must face his greatest fears or die trying…

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  1. Brian Bradwell says:

    Acre great read,can’t wait for the sequel Mamluk to be published on kindle.

    • jkswift says:

      Thanks very much for reading, Brian. Mamluk is going to have a lot of action–I hope not too much! Sometimes I get carried away…

  2. Paul S. Vickery says:

    Also enjoyed reading Acre. Could you explain the connection to the Forest Knights? Not familiar with that series. Does it continue the Hospitaller Order? Visited Malta a few years ago and have been interested in them ever since. cant wait for Mamluk. Keep on writing my friend, hope to write historical fiction one day also.

    • jkswift says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Paul. I haven’t made it to Malta but it is on my list! My Hospitaller Saga is a prequel series to my Forest Knights Series (which consists of 2 books: Altdorf and Morgarten). The Forest Knights begins when several of the Schwyzer children are all grown up and leave the Holy Lands to return to their native Swiss mountains, which they haven’t seen for thirty years. It is, essentially, a re-telling of the William Tell myth, which all started when I asked myself the question: What if the exploits of William Tell were actually carried out not by one man, but by a group of men and women? That’s how The Forest Knights was born! Thanks very much for reading–it means a lot to me.

  3. D. W. Vaughan says:

    Am reading Acre now. Cannot put it down! Will read The Forests Knights series while I wait for the sequel to Acre. Vivid descriptions, action and adventure…love it! Thank you!

    • jkswift says:

      Thanks very much for taking the time to comment and I hope you like The Forest Knights! All the best,

  4. paul says:

    just started reading acre already waiting for mamluk any time set for publication

    • jkswift says:

      Thanks for reading, Paul. And I hope you’re still eager for Mamluk after you finish Acre! I was hoping to have Mamluk out by Christmas, but my editor still has it and I am going to have to change a few things when I get it back. We are looking at a February, 2017 release. All the best, James.

  5. Priscilla Tucker says:

    Malik is to be out Dec. 4, 2016. Where is it?! Dying for the sequel to Acre. Great book.

    • Priscilla Tucker says:

      Sorry about typo. “Mamluk”

    • jkswift says:

      So sorry, Priscilla. The book is written and with my editor. But I will still have to do some rewrites once he is done with it, so I’m afraid we’ve had to push back its release to February 2017. I’ll be putting up a “Sneak Peak” shortly. Thanks for your patience!

  6. Tich says:

    Have read forest knights series ,read acre ,wow ,now climbing the walls waiting for mamluk .keep up the good work

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