Deenah’s quiet life as an apprentice healer in the small village of Brae’s Creek has come to an end. She can never go back. After fleeing through the wilds for days, she finds herself on the outskirts of Tablat, a frontier town full of thieves, murderers, and halfbreeds. Exhausted and hungry, she has no choice but to enter.

A 9,000 word short story


What does it mean to carry the sword of a Warder of the North?
In WARDER, the third installment in the ongoing saga of The Keepers of Kwellevonne, Kaern and Speller track Deenah to Tablat, where Kaern relives the events that forged him into the youngest warder the north has ever seen.

A 17,000 word short story/novella

The Keepers of Kwellevonne Series


Who better to entrust with a vile weapon than someone who abhors the very thought of violence?

The Keepers of Kwellevonne series follows the exploits of Deenah, an apprentice healer, as she searches for a way to destroy a vile short sword named Kwellevonne. The Keepers of Kwellevonne is a short story series.

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